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Strategic Financial is a Connecticut Registered Investment Advisor. Strategic Financial provides its services to individuals, corporations, business entities, pension and profit sharing plans, trusts, estates and charitable organizations. All prospective program participants shall receive a copy of Strategic Financial’s written disclosure statement required by Rule 204-3 of the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, as amended (the “Act”), and applicable state securities laws.

Strategic Financial uses a proprietary market assessment model designed to control market risk and obtain optimal investment performance. When the model indicates the market is reaching oversold levels, the firm generally commits additional capital to the market. When the model indicates over bought levels, the firm generally begins to liquidate capital from the market. Strategic Financial also examines sector, industry and asset classes and positions its clients into a diversified portfolio of ETFs, mutual funds and money market instruments in an effort to maximize total return. The firm monitors its clients’ holdings on an ongoing basis and makes adjustments to account for changes to its clients’ financial positions, tax implications and other such factors that may arise during the course of an advisory relationship.




Strategic Financial constructs custom-tailored investment portfolios designed with the goal of helping its clients achieve their individual investment objectives. In conjunctions with the client, Strategic Financial determines the client’s individual risk profile, time horizon and liquidity needs. The firm then crafts a corresponding allocation comprised of various asset classes, including debt and equity securities, mutual funds, electronic traded funds (ETFs) and options.

Strategic Financial tailors its advisory services to the individual needs of clients Strategic Financial consults with clients initially and on an ongoing basis to determine risk tolerance, time horizon and other factors that may impact the client’s investment needs. 


Strategic Financial primary methods of analysis are fundamental and technical. Fundamental Analysis involves the fundament financial condition and competitive position of a company. Strategic Financial will analyze the financial condition, capabilities of management, earnings, new products and services, as well as the company’s markets and position amongst its competitors in order to determine the recommendations made to its clients. The primary risk in using fundamental analysis is that while the overall health and position of a company may be good, market conditions may negatively impact the security.


Technical Analysis  involves the analysis of past market data rather than specific company data in determining the recommendations made to clients. Technical analysis may involve the use of charts to identify market patterns and trends which may be based on investor sentiment rather than the fundamentals of the company. The [primary risk in using technical analysis is that spotting historical trends may not help to predict such trends in the future. Even if the trend will eventually reoccur, there is no guarantee that Strategic Financial will be able to accurately predict such a reoccurrence.

Investment Suitability

StrategicFinancial ensures that clients’ investments are suitable for their investment needs, goals, objectives and risk tolerance.

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