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Tax & Advisory Specialists

We provide management advisory services such as cash flow analysis, financial projections and loan applications, financial statement preparation compilation and review, business consulting for expansion, start-up, succession and difficult times. Our full service staff can assist your business with a variety of technologies and accounting systems consulting in software such as QuickBooks®

We offer three different levels of financial statement preparation to fit your specific needs. The first level is a compilation of financial statements. This level ensures clerical correctness and organizes your accounting system and records.

It is common for companies to have compilations completed in the year before needing a higher level review or if they want to monitor their business' performance. 

The second level is reviewed financials. These financials include all the assurances of a compilation plus some financial analysis and a signed statement saying that the financials are not materially misrepresented. 

These reviewed financials are generally enough to get most businesses funding. The third and highest level of financials is a complete audit. An audit provides the highest degree of assurance. This includes reviewing a company's source documents, confirming receivables, etc…Contact us for your personalized solution. 

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I have used these services for more than 20 years. Their level of expertise is only surpassed by their willingness to assist their clients. I would say this firm represents the gold standard of certified public accounting.

C. Pellegrino, Vernon, CT

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