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Audit Representation

Unfortunately, audits can happen to anyone. Audits require an in-depth understanding of the accounting and audit process. We represent clients from every industry and have seen every possible scenario. If you are one of our clients, you're in luck! Our document retention policy means that we already have everything that we need to reach a favorable settlement with the auditors. We will setup a meeting with you to get all of the documents that we will need then have the auditors come to our offices to conduct the audit. We will get you the best possible outcome without you ever having to even meet the auditors. Without proper audit representation, an audit can be one of the most difficult and uncomfortable experiences that you will go through. They will ask for your personal bank statements, proof of numbers, etc..


Some of these requests are impossible for you handle on your own. You can become overwhelmed very quickly. If you use us for your audit representation, we will come to a settlement that is in your best interest while only fulfilling the requests of the auditor that are necessary. Contact us for your personalized solution.

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